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Training Run #4 January 23, 2008

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Air Temp: 14                Windchill: -3           Distance: 1.5 miles

Well, this evening Riley and I headed out for our run and it was a total bust.  The windchill was pretty nasty at -3 degrees.  That cut right through my running tights.  Plus, we got about three inches of snow last night, so lots of condos threw down rock salt to melt the snow instead of shoveling.  Riley has pretty sensitive pads, so she kept slowing down because the salt hurt her paws.  About 3/4 of a mile from home, I realized this was not going to happen, so we called it quits, turned around and headed home. 

I could have run in the cold by myself, but I didn’t want to dump Riley off at home by herself.  I think I may go to the fitness center at work tomorrow and get some miles in.  As long as there is ice/ snow, Riley really can’t run with me.  Sure, she has booties we put on her for walks in this condition, but she doesn’t have any grip then.  I don’t want her to slip and pull a muscle due to bad traction.  So, I’ll walk her in the morning and head to a warm treadmill. 

The forecast for this weekend looks mild (high 20’s to mid 30’s) so it should be good for my long run.


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