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Training Run #6 January 24, 2008

Filed under: Alan,marathon — Erin @ 1:38 pm

First off, if anyone has any other ideas of what else to call these posts, let me know.  It’s not a very exciting naming methodology, but it gives some idea of time frame/ progress.  Anywho. . .

Ran my 3 miles today at lunch on the treadmill.  It was about 1.5 degrees out this morning and there was no way I’d run outside in that.  I am not a big fan of the treadmill.  I call it (like many other runners do) the dreadmill.  I get bored on it.  It doesn’t matter if I can watch TV, listen to my MP3 player or what.  It’s boring because the scenery doesn’t change.  Today to help pass the time, I looked out the window and counted busses.  I was kind of surprised that it took me so long to count ten north-bound busses. 

Boring post for a boring run.  At least I got the run in.

This weekend = 9 miles.  Weather looks good – mild temps (compared to what we’ve been having) and maybe a little snow. 

I’m not too worried about my Saturday runs taking away from my time with Alan; I anticipate him sleeping the whole time I am out running.  His hours at work aren’t bad, except for the fact that he has school in the mornings when he’d rather be sleeping.  I think Saturday and Sunday mornings will be him catching up on some much needed sleep. 


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