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Still sick. . . February 7, 2008

Filed under: marathon — Erin @ 8:38 am

Bronchitis has kicked my ass!  I missed work Monday and Tuesday.  I went to work yesterday and was sent home.  So today, I am working from home, so as not to annoy everyone with my coughing.  I haven’t run in over a week.  That sucks, but I think I can get back on schedule with the training.  I’m going to continue to take it easy and, depending on how I feel, I may go for a leisurely 3 mile run this weekend. 

 What’s driving me nuts is the muck I can feel in my chest but can’t get rid of.  Ugh!  I am gross and disgusting and I am certain Alan can’t wait to go to work tonight to get away from me. 


2 Responses to “Still sick. . .”

  1. Meg Says:

    Hey Bronchitis girl! Try Mucinex to get that stuff out of your lungs. Have you been to the doctor yet? i hope you are also on some antibiotics. Please keep us updated! 🙂 NO RUNNING if there is still junk in your lungs this weekend! Dr. Meg says so.

  2. Erin Says:

    Went to the doc on Monday and am on the Z-pack. It is slowly but surely working. I am on an aweseom Tylenol product that has four meds, including stuff that’s supposed to help break it up. It seems to FINALLY be working.

    Don’t worry, I won’t run if I am not a bit better. Plus, given the forecast for this weekend, it’ll be too cold to run!

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