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Week 5 – Training Run #11 February 12, 2008

Filed under: Alan,marathon — Erin @ 8:41 am

I ran at the fitness center again today.  Did 5 miles.  I had to do the run/walk again, but it gets the job done.  It was kind of rough, but that’s partly due to the fact that I was up to 9:20 minute miles, which is really fast for me.  Not sure why I went that fast, basically because I could.  I’m more of a slow runner, I enjoy it, but on the treadmill I just want to get the run over with. 

Alan has tonight off, so he’s meeting me when I get off work so we can go out for drinks and sushi.  A classmate of his works at a sushi bar close to where I work and he’s going to hook us up with some tasty maki.  I can’t wait!  I go to this place for lunch sometimes, and although the service is rather slow (which I don’t unerstand.  There’s no cooking, just rolling.  If the station is prepped out properly, I don’t see how sushi can take so long) the maki is excellent. 

Should be a fun evening!


2 Responses to “Week 5 – Training Run #11”

  1. Alan Says:

    I have no idea what he’s going to be serving us. I know he’s a few things in mind already, should be fun.

  2. Steve Says:

    sea urchin… one comment ewww!

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