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Week 5 – Training Run #13 – 10 miler February 16, 2008

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You know it’s been pretty cold for a while, and you’re a little nutty with running, when you’re excited to see that it is only 17.5 degrees out at 6:00 AM.  And when I say “only”, that means it’s not any colder.  When I saw that, I knew I could run outside.  This made me very happy indeed.  So I set out at 6:30 with it 18 degrees out and the sun just starting to rise.

 I decided to head north today to shake things up a bit and to stay more in the neighborhoods instead of heading downtown.  Also, if needed, I could do a couple four miles loops and then a two mile loop to get my ten miles in.  I wasn’t sure how the run would go since it was my first long run since bronchitis.  When I got to my turnaround for a four mile loop, I was feeling really good so I kept on heading north. 

I do like to run on the streets and take in each neighborhood.  I am amazed by just how many restuarants and shops there are in Andersonville.  I never get further north than Hopleaf when I am up there socially.  There are a few shops I passed that I want to get back to, I couldn’t window show very well running past the windows.  There are also a bunch of restaurants I want to try. 

I turned around quite close to Jon and Rick’s place (Alan said I should have knocked on their door and told Rick to cook me breakfast).  Even when running in the cold, you still lose a lot of water and run the risk of geting dehydrated.There’s a lot of water lost with exhalation, plus you still sweat, even if it is below freezing.  I wasn’t that thirsty, but wanted to make sure to stay hydrated, so I made a pit stop at the 7-11 near Jon and Rick.

I ended having a pretty darn good run.  My legs felt strong for most of the run.  The last mile was a little bit of a struggle, but not that bad.  That’s how these long runs go.  The last mile is a bit of a challenge and at the end, you could go maybe one more mile, but you’re glad you don’t have to.

For those of you wondering (and for my future reference) I wore a short-sleeved technical top, a long-sleeve, slightly heavy weight technical top, plus my New Balance jacket, a pair of running tights, and a pair running pants.  To top things off, I also wore a fleece cap, neck gater, and mittens.  I think I dressed perfectly.  I was just a wee bit cool the whole time, which kept me from getting overheated.

I think I am completely recovered from bronchitis.  If I wasn’t, there’s no way I could have run ten miles, especially in the cold.  I am quite tired now and ready for a nap.  I’m laying on the couch as I type this with Riley at my feet.  Alan’s over at a friend’s place watching the Manchester United/ Arsenal match, so I’m thinking now is as good a time as any to nap.

Besides, I need to rest up since I am going out tonight to a wine bar down the street.  I don’t see things being as crazy as they were last week with Jon, but you never know.  🙂


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