Go, Erin, go!

Working mom, wife, food-lover, ultra-runner(?). This is my life.

Week 6 – Training Run #15 February 24, 2008

Filed under: marathon — Erin @ 1:42 pm

I made it out this morning for my 7 miles.  It was in the mid 20’s here, nice and mild.  The sun was shining and there wasn’t much traffic yet, so it was a nice run.  It felt really good and I really enjoyed it.  The sun helped a lot.  Running really helps my clear my head, and when I have new surroundings to take it, it helps even more. 

I am now very tired.  Very sleepy.  I’m thinking it is because of the run, but it could also be that I don’t really sleep straight through the night anymore.  Riley barks when Alan gets home which wakes me up.  Oh well.  I’m adjusting.  I have to take Alan to work in an hour.  I think when I get home I am laying my butt down on the couch and watching a movie, or simply taking a nap.


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