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Week 7 – Training Run #16 February 25, 2008

Filed under: marathon,Riley — Erin @ 9:04 am

This week is when I really get into the thick of training.  I’ll running 24 miles this week and it just goes up from there.  Today I did a total of four miles.  Riley hasn’t been on a run for a while, so I did only two miles with her.  She probably could have gone four, but that would have probably made her super tired and possibly sore.  So I am easing her back into running.  She seemed to enjoy the run, although she was also in the mood to sniff a lot today. 

I dropped her off at home and went out for another two miles.  I observed some interesting behavior for 5:30 in the morning.  I ran past a guy smoking a joint.  Right there, in the middle of the sidewalk.  And this was on a main drag.  Seriously.  You have to smoke pot at 5:30 in the morning?  And you don’t have the good sense to do this at home?  Wake up a few minutes earlier so you have time to do it at home, and so I don’t have to smell that stink.  Luckily I was running, so I was able to run past the smell rather quickly.  Definitely not something you feel like breathing in when you’re in the middle of a four mile run.

I finished the run with little incident, although I did pass a couple of girls who I think were making their way home from the night before.  They were not walking in the straightest of lines and seemed a bit dressed up for that hour of the day. 

I got home and logged my miles, only to find out I only needed to run three miles today.  Oh well.  What are you going to do?  And because of that slight mistake, I’ll be running 25 miles this week.


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