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Working mom, wife, food-lover, ultra-runner(?). This is my life.

Week 7 – Training Run #17 February 27, 2008

Today I ran 6 miles.  The temperature is getting cold again, the windchill is pretty nasty, and there’s a nice layer of ice on some sidewalks, so I chose to run on the treadmill today.  I ran 3 miles, took a water break, and then ran another 3 miles which really helped to break up the run. 

It was a good run and I felt strong.  I don’t even feel sore now, which sometimes I do.  I did take ten minutes after the run to do some good stretches which I think really helped.

One issue that popped up for a second time this season is I got a blister on the outside of my big toe.  This has never happened to me before this year.  I think the problem is a combination of my shoes and the treadmill.  I run in Adidas Supernova Control 10 shoes. 

I’ve run in the Supernova Control for about four years now, with every year getting stuck with a different model.  It is quite annoying, and a bit anxiety producing when your shoe maker tweaks your model.  There was one year that the model rubbed the arch of my foot and put a blister there.  That was not fun.  But, with BodyGlide and good socks, it worked out.  The year after the blistery arch model, came I think the 9, which I LOVED.  They were awesome.  They felt good on my feet, kept me going, and carried me through marathon training and my first marathon.

Alas, the dummies at Adidas couldn’t leave well enough alone and tweak they did.  I do like the 10’s, but now I am getting blisters on my big toes.  Aside from that, they feel good and seem to give me the arch support I need.

The blisters only seem to happen when I run on the treadmill though.  I had no problems with the ten miles outside two weeks ago nor the seven miles this past weekend.  So, I can only hope that the weather improves so I can get off the treadmill and spare my toes.  I am using WrightSock socks to help a little. The seam doesn’t seem to go all the way to the toe, which does help, but their two-layer system to prevent blisters doesn’t seem to be working so well.

So, like I said, hopefully the weather starts cooperating so I can stay off the treadmill and spare my toes. 

These are the absurdities your have to deal with as a runner, but they are not absurd to you.  For a runner, they are serious business.    🙂


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