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Stupid dream February 28, 2008

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You know that dream where you’re in college during finals week and realize you haven’t gone to class all semester?  So you run around, trying to write a paper or even find the classroom.  Well, I had the running equivalent last night, well this morning. 

The alarm went off at 4:15 as usual and I just couldn’t get up, so I laid in bed and actually fell back asleep, and so the dream/ nightmare began.  In my dream I was running around getting ready for the marathon on race day.  I looked down at my legs and saw I had my socks pulled up to my knees.  “That’s funny,” I thought.  Upon further inspection, they were the socks you wear when playing soccer, and I had shin guards on.  And I reazlied I even had cleats on.  (I told you this was a stupid dream)

I don’t think I resolved the shoe issue when I realized I hadn’t made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (I run with these in my pocket to eat during the race) and I didn’t have time to make one.  What was worse is I had no Goo, ShotBlocks, PowerBars.  Nothing!  Luckily my friend Kelley (a real-life running buddy of mine) stepped up and gave me her Goo, she decided that morning to not run the marathon.

Great!  I’m good to go!  Nope, realized I had to ID nor a CTA card.  Why I thought I needed these to run the marathon, I have no idea.  So I ran around like a mad woman looking for my ID and CTA card.  The whole time my friend Cristen was there trying to calm me down by saying things like, “It’s not a big deal.”  That didn’t help (sorry Cristen, at least you made a cameo appearance). 

Okay, shoes, check(ish), food for run, check, ID and such, check.  Alright, time to go.  Then the horror of all horrors (and the part that really makes it like those college dreams) I forgot to go to the packet pickup the day before, I had no chip!  SHIT!  (You can certainly run a race without a chip, but there will be no record of you running it.  We runners like to have proof that we did, in fact, finish things like a marathon.  )

I had no chip and twenty minutes until the race started.  I went running down some stairs to head to where packet pickup had been in the hopes of getting my chip and making it to the starting line when, in real life, Alan clicked shut a clasp on his bag which woke me up.  Thank God!  The stupidness finally was stopped!

I am pretty anal when it comes to the night before a big race.  I lay out my shorts, shirt, jog bra, socks, shoes, CHIP, makings for my PB&J, all of it.  If I keep having this sort of dream before now and the big day, I’m probably going to turn OCD.  

I have three miles to run today which I am hoping to get in at lunch.  I still have a tense feeling left over from that dream.  If it’s not gone by lunch, I know that the run will clear my head.


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