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Week 8 – Training Run #20 March 3, 2008

Filed under: marathon,Riley — Erin @ 7:56 am

Today was another 3 miler.  These are getting easier and easier, which they should.  I took Riley with me today as it was very nice out and I knew she was up to the task.  It was in the low 50’s, so I wore running shorts and a long sleeve top.  We walked Alan to the L and then started our run.

We were about a mile into the run when it began to sprinkle.  Another half-mile later and it started to pour!  Riley looked like a drowned rat, and looked at me like I was making it happen as some sort of punishment.  Poor dog, she looked pathetic.  The rain would lighten up, then get worse, then lighten up, back and forth.  The wind picked up and with about a mile left, I was certain the temperature had dropped.

We pushed on and as we ran past a busy bus stop, some guy yelled out, “Girlfriend, you must be FEELING it today!”  I’m not quite sure what that was supposed to mean.  I’m taking it as him calling me hardcore.  So that’s kind of cool. 

When we were about two blocks from home, poor Riley just stopped and looked at me.  It was the saddest little look.  She was literally dripping wet and you could see her breath as it had cooled off.  I encouraged her on, promising her breakfast, and she got right back into it.  Usually the final stretch she sprints because she knows that she gets fed when we get inside, but today, I think the rain just killed her spirit ever so slightly. 

We got home, drenched, and headed in to get her a nice big bowl of food.  She did good and I enjoyed the run with her today.  I verified that  the temperature had dropped about six or seven degrees in the thrity-five minutes we were gone.  Damn weather!  They’re calling for the rain to turn into snow today.  Ugh.  Not sure where I’m running my six miles tomorrow.  I’m thinking I’m going to end up at the fitness center at work.  Ick. 

Hopefully that will be my last kinda long run on a treadmill.  Hopefully.  I doubt it.  I hate this winter.


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