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Week 8 – Training run #21 March 4, 2008

Filed under: marathon,Riley — Erin @ 8:05 am

Six miles this morning.  The local weather-folk miss forecasted the weather for yesterday and today, which worked out in my favor.  It didn’t snow in the city like they originally called for and the temperature wasn’t as low this morning as they forecasted.  Thanks to that, I got to run outside today.

I took Riley with me for the first two miles.  I was going to take her for three, but within half-a-mile, I knew she was still tired from yesterday and wouldn’t be up to the task.  So we did a small loop and I dropped her off at home.  I ate a granola bar real quick, had a swig of water, and headed back out.

I did a four mile loop toward the lake which was nice, but there was a nasty wind coming off the lake.  I figure it was a good added level of difficulty to that run.  It was nice when I finally headed back towards home and had the wind at my back.

Not too much happened this run.  No odd/ funny comments from people at bus stops, no walk of shame witnessed (which would be really kind of sad on a Tuesday morning), no pot smoking pedestrians.  I did hear a guy blasting “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees on his stereo, so guess what song was stuck in my head for the rest of my run and is STILL in my head?  You guessed it.  Ah, ah, ah, ah stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.   I can see John Travolta strutting his stuff down the street as I type.

Alan has tonight off (yeah!).  He and Jon are going to Ginger’s to watch the United match this afternoon.  I’ll meet up with them when I get off work for a few beers and maybe a bite.  I’m looking forward to it, although I don’t think it’s going to be a late night for me.  Six miles plus a full day’s work tires a girl out.   


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