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Week 8 – Training Run #22 – 13 miles March 8, 2008

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The running gods were watching over me a little this morning.  We did not get the 2 – 4 inches of lake effect snow they were calling for and the windchill was not 5 degrees like they were calling for.  It was snowing, just no accumulation.  The temperature was about 21, with a windchill of 15 or so.  The wind was brutal at times, gusting up to 18 to 20 miles an hour.

I set the alarm for 5:15 so I could get out the door by 6:00.  I am settling into my routine/ running rituals now that the miles are getting up there.  I had pasta for dinner last night with lots of water.  I had a granola bar for breakfast this morning (last time I trained I always had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches).  I walked the dog (not a running ritual, but a simple necessity for a happy dog).  I got dressed, put on my BodyGlide, popped an Immodium, and headed out the door.

An Immodium you ask?  Well, running can get things moving and I find I don’t get caught off guard on my long runs if I take an Immodium beforehand.  It may be too much information for some, but if there are a couple of new runners who have stumbled across my blog, then they may be greatful to learn such tricks of the trade, so to speak.

With the wind, I headed out the door and headed north immediately, into the wind.  It is usually recommend to head into the wind at first whenever possible so as to make the second half of your run a little better.  I once again ran through Andersonville and past Jon and Rick’s place.  The whole time north I kept telling myself I just needed to get to their place and then it would be better.   The wind would be at my back.

The run was a little rough due to the cold and especially the wind.  At times, after I had passed Jon and Rick’s, it felt like the wind was coming from every direction.  That was not fun. 

The whole time I ran it snowed.  At one point I saw a little boy, skipping happily down the road.  He had his mouth open, head thrown back, catching snowflakes on his tongue.  It made me smile.

I got done with the run, struggling a little at the end.  I realized as I was finishing the last time I stopped running was 8 miles earlier at the 7-11 where I got some water and tissues.  That would explain the fatigue (more than typical fatigue from the total 13 miles I ran).  You see, when I actually do this marathon in May, I’ll take a quick walk break every 1.5 – 2 miles at the water stops.

I stretched and hit the shower, which is where I discover where I did not put BodyGlide, but should have.  You see, when you run that many miles, your clothing, and even skin, can cause chafing on your body.  Today I put BodyGlide on my bit toes (trying to avoid the blisters mentioned a few posts back), around my rib cage where my jog bra rests, and then on my shoulders, again where my jog bra rests.  Apparently I should have put BodyGlide on the small of my back, because once I stepped into the shower, I definitely felt a distinct sting in that area.  I can only imagine it was the two pair of running tights, because I have never had issues there.

So there you go.  That was my run today.  I can only hope the weather improves for my next run, and all others going forward.  I’m not going to get my hopes up, though.  I am nearly convinced that spring will never come.  It is going to be 20 degrees from now till some day in June and then BAM!  It’ll be 80.  No spring.  I love spring.  I miss spring.  I think I need a nap.


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