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Week 9 – Training Run #23 – 3 miles March 10, 2008

Filed under: marathon,Riley — Erin @ 7:20 am

“It’s fucking snowing?!?”  That’s what I said when I stepped out of the house this morning for my run.  I almost turned around to go inside and just cry.  Alas, Riley and I continued down the steps and walked Alan to the train, then kicked in for our run.

We went 3 miles which, after the first mile, felt really good.  We even saw a couple bunnies which made Riley’s day.  This Saturday is a step-back week, only 10 miles, but I am upping my mid-week miles this week.  I’m supposed to do 7 miles tomorrow and 4 on Thursday.  

Seven miles before work should be interesting.  I think the last time I trained for the marathon, I did these longer mid-week runs on Tuesday evenings.  Now Tuesdays are Alan’s day off, so I don’t to wait till the evening to get my runs in.  I’d rather go in the morning and chill with him in the evening.  I’m thinking I need to talk to my boss and let him know I am going to start being a bit late on Tuesdays.


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