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Week 9 – Training Run #24 – 7 miles March 11, 2008

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Alan’s alarm goes off at 4:15 each day he has school.  I usually lay in bed for another half-hour to an hour, but today I got up as well.  I need to start getting out the door early on Wednesdays so I don’t get to work too late. 

It was chilly this morning at 27 degrees.  I know I am the one who chose to train for a marathon in the winter in Chicago, but this is getting to me.  I don’t need sunny and 60, but I would like it to start getting above freezing for my runs.  Today wasn’t too bad, the cold didn’t get to me until the last mile or two. 

Riley and I headed out to run three miles.  I was thinking of taking her for four, but could tell she isn’t quite there yet.  She could have done it, but it would be slow going.  She did pretty well, and saw two bunnies again.  I dropped her off, fed her, and headed out for another four miles.

This run went well.  I felt very fluid while running.  It seemed almost effortless.  I love runs like that.  I’m not as tired as I usually am after a seven mile run.  I guess I am getting stronger and my body is getting used to the miles.


One Response to “Week 9 – Training Run #24 – 7 miles”

  1. Cristen Says:

    I can’t believe you start your day running, take a break to feed the dog and then back to running. I feel good if I make it out the door in time to swing by Starbucks. You are an inspiration!

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