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Week 10 – Training Run #29 – 4 miles March 20, 2008

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Riley and I headed out this door just before 5:00 this morning.  I wasn’t sure how she would do, and I was not in the mood for the run, so I was going to be happy if I got two miles in.

Well, Riley did great!  We went a different route today which I think helped us both.  We saw 20 or 30 bunnies which nearly made her head explode, but it also kept her pace up.  We ended up doing all four miles and I was very proud of us for it.

We did take a few walk breaks.  Some were for Riley to stalk a bunny or two, and others were because Riley seemed like she needed the break.   She hasn’t run four miles much this year, so it was a push for her. 

I at least had a bonus for running in the dark this morning.  The moon looked really cool.  It was huge over on the western horizon, glowing an almost orangy-yellow.  Then as we headed home, a wispy layer of clouds covered the moon just a bit.  It looked really pretty and soothing. 

I have a fifteen mile run waiting for me Saturday morning.  The weather does not look good.  It’s supposed to be below freezing and they’re calling for 2 – 6 inches of snow!  I am ready to run in warmer weather!!!!


2 Responses to “Week 10 – Training Run #29 – 4 miles”

  1. Cristen Says:

    I lived in Chicago for a little over five years – and never saw a bunny. Were there so many because of Easter? There seems to be a bunny problem in Chicago. Do others know?

  2. Erin Says:

    LOTS of bunnies by the zoo. We call it “Bunny Hollow”

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