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Week 10 – Training Run #30 – 15 miles baby! March 22, 2008

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That’s right, I got my 15 miles in today after all.  I woke up at 5:15 and took Riley for a walk.  It was cold, blustery, still snowing, and the roads had barely been treated.  It really looked like a hazard and I decided not to run.  I figured it was better to skip the fifteen miles than get injured running them.  So Riley and I headed home and went back to bed.  I couldn’t fall back asleep, but it was nice to lay in bed and watch tv.

I got up around 7:30 and decided to make myself some coffee and start prepping dinner.  There was a roasted vegetable enchilada recipe I’ve been wanting to try.  I started roasting the poblano pepper and chopping everything else when I noticed the sun was starting to shine.  I finished the enchiladas and headed to the living room to relax a bit. 

Alan got up around 11:00 and had some of the enchiladas to eat (they’re really quite good!).  I was getting fidgety and felt guilty for having not run.  The sun was out more, the roads had been treated, and it was just above freezing.  Finally Alan told me to just go do my miles, I was going to drive him nuts.

So I threw on my running gear and headed out the door just around noon.  I decided to do two six-mile loops plus a three mile loop.  It worked out quite well.  I stopped at home at the end of each six-mile loop to get water, eat a little something, and say hi to Alan.  On my second six-mile loop, I passed a couple people who probably through they were oh so witty as they said things to me as I ran past.  The first said, “Hellooooo lovely lady!”  Ick.  The second asked, “What exactly are you running from?”  Yeah, that’s original.  Both times I just stared straight ahead, ignored the idiots, and acted like I didn’t hear what they said.

After the second loop, I popped inside for some water and to psyche myself up for the final three miles.  I hit the road and slowly made my way through the final three miles.  I had to take a couple of walk breaks, but who cares?  I planned my route strategtically so that I could hit the UPS store to pick up a package Alan’s mom had sent us for Easter.  I popped in, picked up what was a small package (thank heavens!) and went the final half-mile to home. 

I got home and was in some pain, but very proud of myself for getting the run in.  I walked down the hall and Alan took a couple steps back.  He could smell me from eight feet away!  This got me thinking.  When I trained for the marathon last time, I trained with a running group.  After the run, a bunch of us would go out to breakfast.  I feel really bad for the other patrons at the restaurant, because lord knows how bad we must have stunk!  Sometimes there were 20 or so of us that ended up at the some restaurant.  Man, we really should have tipped even better than we did.

And so, here I sit.  I just had some enchiladas, I have a big glass of water, and my legs are propped up.  I am thoroughly tired, but feel awesome.  Sure, I am hobbling around, but I really do feel great!  This is what it’s all about.  That good hurt.  Go me for doing it!  And thanks to Alan for making me get out the door!

For those of you interested, here’s a link to the enchilada recipe, which I will definitely make again.  It is time consuming with all the prep, but really not that difficult to make.


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