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Week 11 – Training Run #31 – 4 miles March 24, 2008

Filed under: marathon — Erin @ 12:01 pm

This is getting intense.  I woke up this morning and could not get my butt out of bed to go for my four miles, so I stayed in bed.  I knew I could run at lunch, so that was the plan.

Things at work were royally pissing me off this morning.  A database this I am trying to fix as a favor was totally dorked up, the thing was so freaking slow and another database kept crashing on me.  Accounting just moved upstairs over the weekend and now they sit very close to us.  My group is used to quiet and just a few people around, now we have 20 more people up here and there’s a ton of activity.  Fine most days, but it wasn’t working for me today. My mood was just foul when I realized what the problem probably was.  I hadn’t gone running yet.  So I said to hell with all the stupid databases and went to the fitness center.

I chose wisely. 

The first mile didn’t go so well, I must admit.  It was okay as far as my body and mind were concerned, but the treadmill I was on told me every minute that “User cannot be detected on treadmill.” That got real old, real quick.  I finished my first mile and switched treadmills.  The one I switched to didn’t have a working TV, so I picked some music and went on my merry way.  Oh man!  That next three miles felt really good.  I listened to some Lily Allen and then some Bis which totally pumped me up and kept me going.

I flew through the miles and felt great at the end.  My legs are still a little fatigued from Saturday’s run, but it still felt good.  The run completely cleared my head, releasing those ever so lovely endorphins my body apparently now craves.

I am a little worried about how I am going to be on days I don’t run, because I do notice my mood is worse on days I don’t run.  I think I may have to start riding my bike on the trainer or taking the bus in the morning (walking 1.5 miles to the bus stop) just to get some sort of exercise in. 

Alan is grateful that he’s done with school at the end of this week, because April is a doozy of a month for my training.  Although I am crabby when I don’t get to run, I am still crabby in a different way when I do run.  It’s more just general fatigue and the desire to have my life back.  Sure, I chose to do this, I knew what I was getting myself, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy the whole way.


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