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Week 12 – Training Run #35 – 4 miles April 1, 2008

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As you may have figured out, I didn’t run yesterday.  It was a damp, gloomy morning and I just couldn’t do it.  Instead, I will run three days in a row this week.  We’ll see how that goes.  Riley and I went out for our 4 miles, and ended up running just over 4 miles.  She did really well and was definitely into it. We even saw two bunnies on a low-bunny route.

I did not run with my Nike+ iPod thingy today.  You need to remember to charge your iPod in order to use it.  And to charge your iPod, you need that USB connector thing, which I simply could not find.  I don’t use my iPod often, I actually won it at a raffle at work a while back.  I use a differnt MP3 player for my commuting and general music enjoyment, so keeping the iPod ready to go is not something I ususally do.  I need to at least make sure it’s ready for my weekend runs.  It’s a nice way to keep track of my miles on a long run so I just zone out and just run.

Eight miles tomorrow.  I think I’m going to have Riley sit that one out. 


2 Responses to “Week 12 – Training Run #35 – 4 miles”

  1. Dee Says:

    It was a damp gloomy morning?

    No, you got it wrong – it should start with

    “It was a dark and gloomy night”!


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