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Week 13 – Training Run #39 – 5 miles April 10, 2008

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Another Thursday, another run.  Today was a 5-miler which is feeling less and less difficult with each run.  At this point, it’s a pretty easy run.  Riley has her days of good and bad runs, today was pretty good.  We saw bunnies, a rat, and ducks.  She didn’t seem at all interested in the ducks.  The ducks struck me as kind of funny.  There were two of them hanging out in a puddle in the middle of the running path.  If I was a duck, I think I’d much rather be in either the harbour that was just to the east, the big ass lake that’s a little further east, or in the nice pond that was just to the south.  But no, they decided to hang out in the funky puddle in the middle of a running path where runners, dogs, and strollers come barreling at them.  Wacky ducks.

The weather is still trying to stay winter.  It was 39 degress out this morning, not too bad, but I had to wear running tights and a jacket.  I enjoy temperatures that allow me to wear shorts and a long sleeved top.  It started to rain at the end of the run, but we made it home before it became heavy.   

Saturday I’m running 18 miles.  The weather isn’t looking very good; there are talks of snow.  That’s okay.  I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will be running my marathon in a blizzard with gale force winds in the dark.  Then that’s it.  I am done with the freaking midwest and it’s never ending winters.  I’m getting out of here so I can run year round without having to shovel myself a path beforehand. 


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