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Week 14 – Training Run #41 – 5 miles April 14, 2008

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The alarm went off this morning and my immediate thought was, “Son of a bitch.” Five weeks from today, this will all be over with. I’ll be in post-marathon blissful achiness; I will be done. I’m not there yet, I have five weeks to go and today apparently I wasn’t in the mood.

I popped out of bed though and went on my way with Riley. We shook things up a bit today and took a slightly different route, enjoying the paths around Diversey Harbour. The run was okay, I guess. I had too little water yesterday, and too much beer last night. And so, I ran, not hungover, but dehydrated. I didn’t really feel it until I was finishing the second mile, but it was there. I was sluggish and off.

Riley seemed just fine until the last mile or so. She was ready to stop running when we were at mile four. I was able to encourage her and she picked up again to finish strong. It was one of my worst runs this season, but at least I was able to finish. I need to buckle down and not do that to myself again the night before a run.

Granted, yesterday was Alan’s first Sunday off of his new days, so we were enjoying having a whole day together. I guess I’ll have to enjoy it without beer for the next five weeks. 🙂


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