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Week 14 – Training Run #43 – 5 miles April 17, 2008

Filed under: marathon — Erin @ 5:17 am

I woke up this morning, checked the clock and saw it was 4:40. The alarm was going to go off in two minutes. ugh. I had many mini-victories this morning. First of all, I didn’t turn the alarm off at that moment. Second, when the alarm went off, I actually got up. Third, not only did I get up, but I actually went out for a run. And fourth and certainly not least, I actually ran all five miles! I told myself somewhere around mini-victory number two that I had to just go run, something, anything. Then I told myself to suck it up and run.

I went to the Cubs game last night which may have had some bearing on my attitude this morning. It wasn’t too crazy of a night, though. I left during the seventh inning stretch and had only three beers. I was home a little after 9:30. So I didn’t stay out all that late. But I think it still wore me out. I’ve really been on the go this week, so am very much looking forward to relaxing at home tonight with Riley, watching The Office, and then going to bed early.


One Response to “Week 14 – Training Run #43 – 5 miles”

  1. Dee Says:

    If a 5 mile run is a mini victory, what is a marathon????

    I haven’t run since December, when a rather large 4 legged equine stomped on me and broke one of my toes. But on Wednesday, I went to the gym at work, where one particulary stinky guy goes (usually at 11:30, so I go at 1:00). Anyway, stinky was there, it was nice out, so I go for a run. I’ve been doing the ellipitical, cardio ok – so I went 3 miles. Unfortunately I can’t walk down the stairs today. And you are going to run 26 miles!!!!!

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