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Week 15 – Training Run #47 – 5 miles April 24, 2008

Filed under: marathon,Riley — Erin @ 7:05 am

One more run. 

I hit the snooze button this morning, but only once.  Hopped out of bed, got Riley on her leash and we were on our way.  I did 3.5 miles with Riley and then 1.5 miles on my own.  Riley was not going to go 5 today, I could tell.  It’s getting warmer and a little more humid out which she is not used to.  She did good. 

The weird thing is that although we left at the same time, when we got to the zoo, there were barely any bunnies.  We only saw two or three; we usually see 20 or 30.  So either there was a great bunny massacre – which I really think we would have heard about -, a dog went through just before us and scared off all the bunnies, or they are waking up earlier since the sun is rising earlier.  Regardless, Riley was a bit bummed. 

Today was the closest I probably have come to getting hit by a car, but there really was no danger since I had my eye on the guy from nearly a block away.  He was driving in a way that made me suspect he was going to do a rolling stop.  I was right.  I had Riley’s leash nice and short so she was right next to me.  We were running across the street in the crosswalk at a four-way-stop, and the guy just didn’t stop at the stop sign.  I stopped running so as not to be in the path of his car, kept Riley real close, and raise my arms in a, “What the hell?” manner.  The guy finally saw me, gave me a nasty look, and stopped.  Riley and I proceeded on our way, safe a sound.  That is one of my biggest pet peeves as a runner, and simply as a pedestrian, drivers that don’t stop at stop signs.  Dummies.

So, as I started this post with, one more run.  The weather looks pretty good for my 20 miler.  Upper 40’s/ Lower 50’s with just a 20% chance of precipitation.  I am actually looking forward to it.  I just need to get some rest this evening.  I have two personal training sessions tomorrow evening, but it shouldn’t be too bad.  Perhaps I should have planned a bit better and not had clients tomorrow.  Oh well, no big deal.

One more run.


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