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Week 15 – Training Run #48 – 20 miles April 26, 2008

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Hell yeah! I did my 20 mile run today and it was the best run and the worst run all at the same time. It was cold and windy when I started; I was wearing shorts, a long-sleeved top, and a ball cap. When I say it was windy, I’m not talking about a little breeze off the lake. Oh no. It was WIND, heavy wind that made me curse out loud when the gusts really kicked in. I had to keep taking my ball cap off so as not to lose it in the lake.

I felt strong the whole run with just a couple aches around mile six or so that were relieved with a little stretching. Right before that stretch, I was running along one of the many harbours on the lake. I saw there was construction in the parking lot for the harbour and thought nothing of it. No one was yelling at me and there were fences up on the other side of me. I was quite surprised when I got to the end of the harbour and found a construction fence blocking my path to get back up to the road. I could have turned around, but really didn’t want to. There was a gap between the end of the fence and the beginning of the lake of about 12 inches. I very carefully maneuvered around the fence, made sure to NOT fall in the lake, and continued on my way.

If the wind was not so freaking strong, it would have been a great run. Aside from one small point. At mile 19.5, just one half of a mile left in my run, I bit the dust. Hard. I don’t know what happened, I think it was an uneven sidewalk tile. I lost it, fell forward, and landed hard on my right hand, outside of my right leg just below the knee, and the right hip. What made it worst, it I was on a very busy street near a red-light. So I fell, right next to a line of cars stopped at the red light. I was horrified, and pissed, so I hopped up like I meant to do it and continued on my run. The next half-block I kept telling myself, “You will not cry, you will NOT cry!” Because, honestly, it kind of hurt. I am going have a lovely bruise on my leg. But at least I didn’t land on my knees or twist my ankle, so it shouldn’t impact any future runs. Oh, and I did not cry.

Now that these 20 miles are behind me, it’s all down hill from here! Today was the peak of my training. It is now taper time! The next three weeks my miles drop back each week for my body to rest up and get ready for the big day. What may happen, is I may go stir crazy. Lots of runners go batty during the taper. My body, and mind, are now used to getting some major miles in. Now my miles are getting cut back and I may have a little too much energy these next three weeks. Hopefully the personal training keeps me sane.

Behold the taper!


3 Responses to “Week 15 – Training Run #48 – 20 miles”

  1. Dee Says:


    Congrats on finishing the BIG run.

    Go ERIN Go!



  2. Erin Says:

    Thanks, Dee! It’s the day after and my legs feel great, even with the fall! I hope the marathon goes as well, minus the fall. 🙂


  3. Cristen Says:

    You are hardcore! GO ERIN GO!

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