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I swear I am going to run tomorrow April 29, 2008

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I was supposed to run 5 miles yesterday, but didn’t. I was very tired and honestly, a wee bit hung over. However, I did walk 4 or 5 miles through out the day. I took the bus half-way to work and walked the rest of the way, and did the same thing in the evening. Plus I gave Riley a nice walk yesterday morning. So, I kind of got my 5 miles in, just not quite at the normal speed.

This morning it is cold and dreary and I made the decision last night to sleep this morning instead of run. So, I will be running my 8 miles tomorrow morning. I have to.

Just an update on my post-20 aches and pains. There were none! I felt great Sunday morning, aside from simply being tired. No nasty bruise where I fell, which is almost a disappointment. If it got really gross looking, turning purple and green as nasty bruises can do, I wanted to take a picture and share it will you all. Alas, my body seems to be dealing with it well.

I can only hope I feel this strong in three weeks!


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