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Week 16 – Training Run #50 – 4 miles May 1, 2008

Filed under: marathon — Erin @ 5:11 am

I hit the snooze button once this morning and then got up and went on my four mile run. For some reason, I wanted to check the calibration of my Nike + iPod thingy. I went on an out-and-back route that I know is exactly 4.0 miles. So, at the half-way mark, my iPod should have said I was at 2.0 miles. My biggest fear was that it would say something like 2.25 or worse, 2.5, meaning that I never ran as far as I thought while using it .

Well much to my pleasant surprise, at the half-way point, the iPod said 1.95 miles. Pretty darn good! When I was back at what I knew was the 4.0 point, the iPod said 3.90. Sweet! So I still went a little further until the iPod said 4.0 miles. What does it mean, you ask? Well, it means that on my 20 mile run on Saturday, I actually ran about 20.5 miles. I’ve always run a little further than I thought.

The run today was rough at first. It took my legs almost 2 miles to really warm up and feel fluid. I think I am a little dehydrated which always makes you feel sluggish.

One more run and then VACATION! I can’t wait!


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