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Week 18 – Training Run #56 – 4 miles May 14, 2008

Filed under: marathon — Erin @ 8:07 am

It took me a while, but eventually I got into a good groove and had a good run.  Riley was with me the first 2.2 miles and VERY slow.  She’s not good at running two days in a row, so I wasn’t surprised.  I was able to encourage her along and when we were within a half-mile of home, she picked up her pace.

I took her inside, fed her, and went out for the last 1.8 miles.  It was some time in this leg of my run that I finally warmed up and felt smooth running.  Nothing exciting happenend, which at this point I say is a good thing.  I’ve been very cautious on my runs lately, keeping an eye out for anything that could make me fall, twist an ankle, or blow out a knee. 

Four days from right now (9:05 AM CST) I’ll be in mile 11 or 12 of the marathon, almost halfway done. 

Still feeling good, feeling pumped, feeling antsy.  Cheryl (my friend who is running it with me) and I are coordinating for Saturday and Sunday and Alan has planned a celebratory menu for Sunday evening. 

Soon young grasshopper. . .


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