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Crescent Moon March 28, 2014

Filed under: running,ultra running — Erin @ 4:59 am

This morning my alarm went off at 5:30 and I let out a groan. When I lived in Chicago, 5:30 didn’t seem so early. Granted, when I lived in Chicago, I didn’t have two kids. And I was usually in bed by 9:00. These days, 5:30 seems so early! I was tempted to hit snooze, get some more sleep, and get my run in at lunch. But, deep down, I felt a nagging and knew I should get up. I checked the weather and saw it was 46 degrees out, not so bad! So I got out of bed, got dressed, and headed out the door. I only had to do a 30 minute run and I covered 2.75 miles. I’m never going to be fast, but I can go far.

About midway through my run, I was rewarded for getting out of bed and running in the dark. There was an amazing, orange crescent moon in the sky! It was gorgeous and took my breath away. This isn’t the only run on which I have been rewarded with an amazing moon. I have to remember that moon and other moons I’ve seen on my early morning runs when I want to hit snooze.


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